Selenite Crystal Wand


Selenite is an energy clearing crystal that can absorb and direct energy. It promotes clarity, peace, and calm.

Wand is raw and rough. There may be “imperfections” in wand and no two are alike. Due to the raw nature of the wand, you may wipe clean with a dry cloth upon receiving. 

Sold as a single wand or set of 3. Wand is 4 inches.

Use your wand as you would a smudge stick. Point at your body starting at the top of head and work down to your feet, in circular motions, allowing the wand to absorb any negative energy and emotions. 

Crystal wand can also be used as a meditation tool to focus and direct your energy and absorb any negativity or feelings and emotions that you want to release. It may also be placed anywhere around your space to protect your space from negative energy and vibes. 


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