Lotus Glow Exfoliant


What is it?  

A blend of plant powders to provide gentle exfoliation by decongesting pores and removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin to unveil your true glow. 

How to use it: 

In the palm of your hand, mix a dime sized amount into your DREKA cleanser. Rub unto damp skin and massage well. Rinse well with cool water and pat dry. Apply serum and/or moisturizers immediately after.  

This exfoliant can be adjusted based on your needs. If you want a gentle exfoliation, use less powder. If you want a deeper exfoliation, use more powder. 

Good for skin types:

  • Normal/Combination
  • Oily
  • Sensitive
  • Breakout Prone

Key Ingredients

  • Bamboo Stem Powder has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to help keep skin calm and clean + helps absorb excess oil and balance skin. 
  • Lotus Seed Powder gentle exfoliant to cleanse and calm. 
  • Rice powder for its brightening properties. 
  • Acerola Cherry Powder for a natural vitamin C to promote collagen production and the skin's natural healing process.

Size: 1.22 oz/36 ml

Oryza Sativa (Rice) Seed Powder, Nelumbo Nucifera (Lotus) Seed Powder, Olea Europaea (Olive) Seed Powder, Malpighia Glabra (Acerola) Fruit Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Powder, Bambusa Arundinacea (Bamboo) Stem Powder

Mix a dime sized amount of powder with your cleanser (we recommend the DREKA Release the Day Cleanser) in the palm of your hand. Massage on damp skin. Rinse well and pat dry.

Use 1-2x week. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alexzandra P. (Seattle, US)
Age: 25-34
Primary Skin Concerns: Breakouts/Acne, Oily
Gentle yet exfoliating!

I love the lotus glow exfoliant! I’ve been using it for almost a month now and it is such a necessary step to my skincare routine when cleansing. I add it into my cleanser and it adds the perfect amount of exfoliation without causing redness or irritation to my skin ❤️

Bria R. (High Point, US)
Age: 25-34
Primary Skin Concerns: Breakouts/Acne, Pigmentation/Dark Spots/Tone
Awesome product

This exfoliant is amazing! It’s gentle, easy to use, and it smells like fruit loops lol. I was randomly breaking out and between this and the cleanser, my pimples were gone within days. Also, I can tell it’ll last awhile if portioned correctly.

Victoria L. (North Royalton, US)
Age: 25-34
Primary Skin Concerns: Breakouts/Acne, Redness/Sensitivity, Oily
Game changer

So this stuff right here... I love it so far! It's a gentle exfoliant and I LOVE that you can mix as little or as much as you want with the cleanser. My skin feels great after use! I can't wait ti continue to see the result the more I use Dreka's products!

Brianna H. (Sevierville, US)
Age: 25-34
Primary Skin Concerns: Breakouts/Acne, Pigmentation/Dark Spots/Tone, Redness/Sensitivity, Dry/Dehydrated, Oily

This is most certainly the best exfoliants I have ever used on my face. I have used several brands that were too harsh or didn’t exfoliate enough or just had too much fragrance. This is a definite buy. Do not hesitate to purchase this item it’s going to be a part of my skin care routine forever!!!


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