21 Day Paleo Meal Plan (Digital Download)


What we put into our bodies is as equally as important as what we put on our skin. We often fuel our bodies with things that prevent it from functioning at its fullest potential. We often fill it with so much junk to where we’re always feeling tired, always getting sick, and our bodies just aren’t happy. That is why this 21 Day Sugar Detox Meal Plan was created. It was designed to give your body a much needed break from all of the not so good things that you put into it and allow it to reset. Plan provides one week of meals meant to be repeated for 3 consecutive weeks.

Benefits to your body:

  • Detox from sugar
  • Nourish it with much needed nutrients
  • Help to regain energy
  • Allow your body to function at its best

Our goal is to have our mind, body, & spirit in alignment and balanced. This is one tool to do just that.



  • Created in combination with Chef St. Erik (@chefsterik).
  • Grocery List included.
  • Item is a digital download and will be sent to the email you check out with.






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