Hi Vibes Bundle


White Sage and Palo Santo have a long history of healing. Begin your spiritual cleanse here by using these tools to dispel negative energies and bring high vibrations into your space and spirit. 

Bundle includes 1-4 inch sage stick and 3 palo santo sticks. 

First, set your intention. Then, hold your smudge stick at a 45 degree angle over your lighter. Once lit, let flame burn for 20-30 seconds, then blow out. Smudge yourself to purify your body. Last, carry around your space. 

Customer Reviews

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Mariana H. (Indianapolis, US)
Age: Under 18
Primary Skin Concerns: Breakouts/Acne
The only place I buy sage from

I love love love the products from Dreka the palo santos is always perfectly imperfect & smells so good. I know these products are legit and top quality.

Jasmine D. (Birmingham, US)
Age: 35-44
Primary Skin Concerns: None
A Happy Birthday

I bought this bundle for my best friend for her birthday. She saves and smudges, so I thought this would be a nice thoughtful gift. We were on FaceTime when I got the notification that it had arrived. When she opened it she lit up!! She raved about how great it all smelled. She also burned one of the Palo Santo sticks and loved how well it lit and burned! There was a sample of the body scrub, she loved the smell of it as well and couldn’t wait to use it. She really could not stop talking about how good everything smelled! I’m really happy I found this and was able to gift it to her!!! This will be my go to for sage and palo santo.

J. (Brooklyn, US)
Age: 18-24

I legit ran downstairs to the mailman to get my package that’s how excited I was about getting this. When I opened my package the smell was so nice and fresh a bit minty but that’s fine by me. Now when I tell you when I opened my brown paper bag with my goodies inside and went to pick it up the energy that ran through my hands was legit the most craziest thing I’ve ever experienced my hand was shaking. I did my cleanse and what I can say is , I feel really good. Thank you Ms. Dreka

Tara B. (Dyersburg, US)
Age: Under 18

Both this for my daughter. She is in to all of the spiritual things. She loved it. And it is packaged beautifully.

R.U. (Chicago, US)
Age: 18-24
Great stuff!

I’m not an experienced sager but based on all of the sage bundles I’ve tried out since I started Saging by far I’d say that this bundle is not only the best one I’ve gotten my hands on but also the ONLY sage that I’ve used that’s given me results with certain issues! Thank you Mama Drek!


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